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Patricia Sorg



About me

Born in Guatemala in 1956, Patricia Sorg is an international painter and novelist who has mastered various media and created a style all her own, emphasizing the deep and vibrant color of her native country. Her vivid palette and bold compositional choices have made her work instantly recognizable and a collector's favorite.

Patricia began painting as a young girl in Guatemala. She drew her inspiration from the dramatic landscapes of mountains and oceans that surrounded her, as well as from the rich and colorful culture of her people.

As an adult, Patricia also lived in St. Lucia, where  her art began to reflect the warm culture of the Caribbean. It was during this time that she began to paint plein air, capturing the fishing boats and village life of the West Indies.

Since moving to Florida ten years ago, Patricia has incorporated her new home into her art. Her paintings of local landscapes, marinas and of Florida's wildlife emphasize the areas unique beauty, while still being infused with the colors of her homeland.

Patricia Sorg's work has been published in art magazines, including American Art Collector and Southwest Art; as well as displayed at galleries and museums throughout the Americas, including the Guatemalan Museum of Modern Art,  galleries in the West Indies, Tennessee, Connecticut, Atlanta, and all around Florida. She is an active practitioner of plein air painting and holds regular classes and workshops in Sarasota, FL.  Instructor at The Southern Atelier, Sarasota FL.



PATRICIA SORG is an internationally recognized writer and artist born in Guatemala, blends the passion of her roots with her love for writing and painting. After making her mark in the business world in Guatemala, she moved to Florida, where she studied Fine Arts and became an internationally acclaimed impressionist painter. Transitioning from brush to pen, she has crafted stories inspired by the culture, people, and legends of her homeland. Among her literary works is the recent novel "Bonita," capturing the multicultural and mystical richness of Guatemala's Mayan heritage. Patricia resides in Florida, USA, where she continues to devote herself passionately to her writing and painting.


Mountains That Touch the Sky (In Spanish:  Montañas Que tocan el Cielo)

Habits That Haunt Me                      (In Spanish:  Tan Cerca Que No se Mira)

Bonita                                                      (In Spanish:  Bonita)

Available in, Barnes and Noble and in Bookstores in Guatemala, Central America and Spain.



        "I close my eyes

         in order to see"

-Paul Gauguin


The power of the suggestive is much greater than the statement of reality

C. W. Mundy

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